1. Utility Maintenance
    Inspection and repair of power, phone, desalination and sewer lines
  2. Mooring Buoy Installation & Maintenance
    Installation, inspection and repair of all types of mooring buoys
  3. Dock, Float and Pier Maintenance
    Inspection and repair of docks, floats and Seasonal removal/reinstallation of floats
  4. Sediment Depth Probing
    Determine sediment depth and makeup for piling installation
  5. Piling Inspection
    Make sure your pilings are secure
  6. Salvage
Chris Betcher, principal, is a professional biologist and diver.  He has been diving utility lines including water, sewer, power and telecommunications cables in San Juan County since the early 1980's, starting as a partner in the diving firm Aquatic Technical Services, Inc.  When Aqua-Tech dissolved its partnership in March 1990, Chris continued commercial diving as the owner of Jen-Jay Diving, which was incorporated in 1999.  Over the past 25 years, Chris has dove on most cable crossings in San Juan County and cables in other counties around Puget Sound.  Jen-Jay Diving has provided commercial diving and biological services for Town of Friday Harbor Wastewater Facility, Rosario Resort Utilities, Orcas Power and Light Cooperative (OPALCO), Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Puget Sound Energy (PSE), PTI Communications, Centurytel, Peninsula Light Company and Alaska Electric Light and Power.  Jen-Jay Diving has worked as subcontractor to Prysmian Cables and Systems Submarine Group (formerly Pirelli-Jacobson and Pirelli High Voltage Systems Submarine Group), Shields Navigation and Nexans Norway AS on submarine utility lines.  
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