1. Environmental Planning
    Permit services, regulatory assistance, design consultation and biological surveys
  2. AutoCAD Drafting
    Professional design and drafting for all types of marine projects
  3. Biological Dive Surveys
    Eelgrass, geoduck and forage fish analysis, beach assessments, shoreline permitting
  4. Eelgrass Restoration and Mitigation
  5. Marine Mammal Monitoring
  6. Natural Resource Compliance Monitoring
Jen-Jay Diving, as a biological consulting firm, conducts underwater and inter-tidal biological surveys for identification and documentation of flora and fauna.  From data collected during surveys, Jen-Jay can provide dGPS mapping, Macro Algae/Eelgrass Habitat reports, Geoduck surveys, forage fish beach assessments and Biological Evaluations or Biological Assessments (BE/BA) that are in compliance with governmental agency requirements.  Drawings are completed on AutoCAD and can be delivered via disk as well as hard copy.

Since 1989 Jen-Jay Diving has been continuously employed conducting biological surveys for project impact assessment. These projects include Eelgrass Macro Algae Habitat Studies that range from one-time preliminary assessments to multi-year studies of the effects of shading by over-water structures.  In addition, Jen-Jay Diving has conducted studies of beach geomorphology, geoduck habitat, biological effects of log dumps and rafting operations (including bark assessments), mooring installations for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, desalinization plants, Pacific herring spawn characteristics, and beach use by sand lance, surf smelt and herring for spawning.  In 1999 a highly successful 4,600 square foot eelgrass transplant was performed.  After Chinook salmon were listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 1999, Jen-Jay Diving began producing Biological Evaluations and Assessments (BE/BA) to comply with Army Corps of Engineers requirements for in-water projects.
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