Jen-Jay Diving, Inc. is a commercial diving and underwater biological company.  As a commercial diving company Jen-Jay Diving has assisted in power and telecommunications cable lays, cable inspections, water and sewer line repairs, dock and mooring inspections and repair, and underwater cutting and welding. 

Chris Betcher, principal, has been diving on power and telecommunications cables in San Juan County since the early 1980's starting as a partner in the diving firm Aquatic Technical Services, Inc.  When Aqua-Tech dissolved it's partnership in March 1990, Chris Betcher continued diving on cables as the owner of Jen-Jay Diving.  Over the past 20 years, Chris has dove most cable crossings in San Juan County and several cables leading to Skagit County.  Jen-Jay Diving has worked with Orcas Power and Light Cooperative (OPALCO), Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Puget Sound Energy, Pirelli-Jacobson and Nexans Norway AS on submarine power lines, and with PTI Communications and Centurytel on submarine telecommunications lines.

Jen-Jay Diving, as a biological consulting firm, conducts underwater and inter-tidal biological surveys for identification and documentation of flora and fauna.  From data collected during surveys, Jen-Jay can provide dGPS mapping, Macro Algae/Eelgrass Habitat reports, forage fish beach assessments and Biological Evaluations or Biological Assessments (BE/BA) for governmental agency compliance.  Drawings are completed on AutoCAD and can be delivered via disk as well as hard copy.

Since 1989 Jen-Jay Diving has completed in excess of 150 biological survey projects. These projects are Eelgrass Macro Algae Habitat Studies that range from one time preliminary assessments to multi-year structure shading studies.  In addition, Jen-Jay Diving has conducted numerous beach and geoduck studies, biological assessments of log dumps and rafting operations (including bark assessments), mooring installation studies for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, salinity studies for desalinization plants, herring egg assessment studies, forage fish (sand lance, surf smelt and herring) beach assessments and a successful 4,600 square foot eelgrass transplant project.  With Chinook salmon being listed on the endangered species list in 1999, Jen-Jay Diving began producing Biological Evaluations and Assessments (BE/BA) for governmental compliance for in-water projects and to date has completed 23.

Chris Betcher formed Jen-Jay Diving in 1989 and incorporated in January 2000.  In 1998 Dr. Leo Bodensteiner joined Jen-Jay as primary fish biologist, with Ben Booth joining as cartographer in 2000 and Dr. Anthony Gabriel as a geomorphologist in 2001.  Resumes for Chris Betcher and Ben Booth, and curriculum vitae for Drs. Leo Bodensteiner and Anthony Gabriel are available upon request. 


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